Michele Flory Receives National Prudential Real Estate Awards

HOUSTON, TX – May 27, 2011 – A recent client commented on Prudential Gary Greene Realtor Michele Flory’s sales style, telling her, ‘You spend my money like it’s your money.’ That respect for her clients’ money and encouraging them to use it wisely when it comes to buying a home may be just the reason Flory and her team, including her husband, Greg, and daughter, Leslie, earned the 2nd place award for the Top 3 Sales Professionals in Texas for Residential Sales during the first quarter of 2011. The recognition is among Prudential real estate agents. Respecting money when you buy a house is critical to make sure that you are doing the right thing and not going over your budget. This is where a mortgage loan can come in handy if you are in need of one when you are purchasing your new home.

“My belief is you always have to put the clients’ needs and concerns first and look out for their best interests,” Michele said of her work philosophy, which is shared by all team members. “I determine to sell them a house that fits their needs, not just pushes them to settle on any house just to make the sale.”

An agent for 12 years at The Woodlands Research Forest office, Michele said part of her passion for her work is she loves what she does each day, especially the challenges it offers.

“It gives me the opportunity to intermix with people, and it’s never boring,” she said. “I could drive down the same streets of The Woodlands and every day is different because there are different people with different needs.”

Michele’s sales manager, Ken Brand, has his own theories about her success, not least of which is her ability to cultivate solid relationships not only with her clients but with her colleagues, as well.

“The way Michele communicates with others allows her to build relationships that make people feel comfortable and confident,” he said. “It is her trustworthiness that makes her an ideal Realtor and colleague.”

“I think what makes her successful is that she keeps all of her promises,” he said. “If she tells you she’s going to do something she always does it.”

But Brand said it is not only Michele’s buying clients who reap the benefits of working with her but sellers too.

“She is always on the lookout for how she can achieve a better result, be it through technology, staging, social media, or advanced Internet broadcast promotion and marketing,” he said.

Michele admits she will do whatever it takes to get her clients’ homes sold. In fact, one successful client described her recommendations for bringing for-sale homes up to buyers’ high expectations as Flory Boot Camp.

“There are so many things you focus on like curb appeal, replacing things, updating and any final touches to make sure nothing is overlooked,” Michele said. “As long as I can show the client that they will get that money back that they put into the house and that it is going to get their house sold fast, then they know I’m not about spending their money needlessly.”

Finding the best property can be a long journey for new buyers, there is a lot to take in and deal with, so having a trusted and competent real estate agent like Michele Flory or can help a tremendous amount, calming down the panic and worry that can come with buying a house and replacing it with happiness and optimism.

Greg Flory

Greg is a thirty-five year resident of the area. Utilizing marketing degree plus forty plus years of marketing experience, Greg is responsible for all marketing and branding activities of Michele Flory & Company. Emphasis is placed on team residential listings.