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Residential Property Taxes

The Woodlands 2024 Taxes per $100 Valuation

Village/AreaMud #Mud RateCounty RateSchool District Rate 1Tax RateTownship RateTotal Tax Rate
Alden Bridge470.17590.5270.96211.6650.17141.84
Alden Bridge670.14720.5270.96211.63630.17141.81
Alden Bridge460.18720.5270.96211.67630.17141.85
Cochrans Crossing470.17590.5270.96211.6650.17141.84
Cochrans Crossing600.1460.5270.96211.63510.17141.81
Cochrans Crossing670.14720.5270.96211.63630.17141.81
Cochrans Crossing70.11530.5270.96211.60440.17141.78
College Park (Harper’s Landing)390.260.5270.96211.74910.17141.92
College Park (Grogan’s Forest)600.1460.5270.96211.63510.17141.81
College Park (Grogan’s Forest E. of Grogan’s Mill Road) 20.62360.96211.58570.1449/city1.73
Creekside Park 33860.450.6728651.06522.1880650.17142.36
East Shore (Section 1, 12, 14) 460.07180.5270.96211.56090.17141.73
East Shore (Sections 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 19) 4600.1460.5270.96211.63510.17141.81
East Shore (Sections 4, 5, 6, 13, 15, 18, 20) 4670.14720.5270.96211.63630.17141.81
Grogan’s Mill360.04450.5270.96211.53360.17141.70
Grogan’s Mill460.18720.5270.96211.67630.17141.85
Grogan’s Mill10.06950.5270.96211.55860.17141.73
Grogan’s Mill60.07180.5270.96211.56090.17141.73
Indian Springs600.1460.5270.96211.63510.17141.81
May Valley 5386/460.45/ 0.18720.5270.96381.9408/ 1.6780.17142.11/ 1.85
Panther Creek10.06950.5270.96211.55860.17141.73
Panther Creek600.1460.5270.96211.63510.17141.81
Sterling Ridge460.18720.5270.96211.67630.17141.85
Town Center 66/Metro0.0718/ 0.0750.5270.96211.5609/ 1.56410.29141.85/ 1.86
Windsor Hills670.14720.5270.96211.63630.17141.81
Windsor Lakes 70.5270.96211.48910.4272/city1.92

1. Residents of all areas except Creekside Park® and May Valley are served by Conroe Independent School District.
2. This portion of Grogan’s Forest pays no MUD tax or Township tax but pays Shenandoah city
tax ($0.1799) and ESD 4 ($0.10).
3. Creekside Park® pays Harris County, ESD 11 ($0.032305) and Tomball ISD taxes.
4. East Shore pays an annual HOA fee varying from $1,758.00 to $2,930.00.
5. May Valley pays Magnolia ISD tax.
6. Town Center pays a Township tax ($0.2231) plus Town Center Owners Association fee ($0.12).
7. Windsor Lakes, part of the City of Conroe, pays no MUD tax or Township tax. Residents pay Conroe city tax ($0.4375) plus monthly HOA fee of $208.00-$328.00.

This information has been compiled from several sources. Tax rates are subject to change. For the most current information, contact your local appraisal district.
Appraisal Districts – (Montgomery) 936/756-3354, (Harris) 713/957-7800


2024 County Tax Breakdown


Montgomery CountyHarris County
Base Rate$0.3696$0.35007
Hospital District0.04980.14343
College District0.10760.1076
Flood Control0.03105
Port of Houston Authority0.00574
Department of Education0.0048
Total Rate Applicable to The Woodlands$0.5270$0.64269

Figures shown are rates set in 2023 and payable in 2024.
Tax rates are set by governmental entities and are subject to change.
Appraisal Districts – (Montgomery) 936/756-3354, (Harris) 713/957-7800

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